Tactile Surfaces

Projection, Infrared Cameras, Custom Software

*just a white wall, turn any surface, such as a white wall, into an interactive interfaceā€¯

Touchable Walls is an experimental series that reimagines the concept of interaction with the surfaces around us. This collection introduces a range of effects, from kinetic cube-scapes to shifting rainbow gradients. Each touch not only alters the visual landscape but also sets in motion a mesmerizing trail of effects.

In the kinetic cube-scape, each touch triggers a ripple of movement across a metallic grid, creating a dynamic, tangible landscape. The fire-bending effect brings an electrifying reaction to every touch, with sparks of fire and jolts of energy coursing across the wall. The liquid grid reacts with a fluid motion, rippling and distorting. The rainbow gradient wall presents a vibrant spectacle of changing colors that dance and blend at each contact point.

A crowd pleaser in this series is the option to "draw on walls." Here, participants can freely create their own graffiti art, turning a simple wall into a canvas of collaborative creativity.

Touchable Walls employs our own technolgy for real-time tracking and projection mapping, inviting participants into a captivating interactive experience where each touch is a catalyst for stunning visual transformations.

Software : Spectra Studio