Stretched Canvas, Projectors, Lasers, Lights, Sound

A partnership with artist GMUNK, Totem is at once both the journey and the guide through the stages of a ceremony of light, form, sound, and spirit. At each stage of the experience the guide and the pathway inform each other – a symbiotic relationship is forged so that with each step they evolve together.

The journey is euphoric and psychoactive. It is instinctual and it is native, spinning light and color to evoke and awaken that which cannot be immediately accessed on the surface. The incantation and medicinal quality of the experience is maneuvered through chanting and galactic geometry. There is a core cosmic language being spoken that is then translated, funneled, and expressed by way of a display of light energy.
Through this process there is a blissful and powerful journey of healing. The reverberation of bass and the thump of drums speaks directly to the spirit and invites or challenges, taunts and hypnotizes it so that there are no boundaries now between the soul and the divine.

Director : GMUNK
Visual Software : Harvey Moon
3D and Fabrication : Joshua John Pipic